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>> it is not our place to tell the iraqis who should lead. but i strongly urge them to match the courage of their citizens have shown by bringing this process a close by choosing a government. president obama hopes that progress in iraq will set the stage for progress on another front as negotiations between israel and the palestinians begin today in washington. the president joined by israel's prime minister at the white house spoke out about yesterday's killing of settlers on the west bank. >> the united states is going to be unwavering in its support of israel security and we'll push back against these kinds of terrorist activities. the palin factor. nuclear program that a winner has been declared in alaska was palin or the tea party
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responsible? plus now it is his turn. naacp president ben jealous planning a march on washington next month. new mexico governor on border wars and diplomacy with havana. hurricane earl is storming towards the east coast threatens states from the carolinas to maine with a hurricane warning issued for north carolina. jim cantore is live in cape hatteras and bill karins is tracking the storm in new york. jim, first to you. what's the latest on the evacuations there? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of people leaving, unfortunately, right at the beginning of a holiday weekend coming up and of course the calm before the storm. it's beautiful, calm, great day to be out on the beach. ocracoke is first. they will come where i am to hatteras island. via the ferry. been doing it all morning. nobody is going out to ocracoke.
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this is a mandatory evacuation for visitors only at this time. there's been no issue of a mandatory evacuation for residents. given the fact we can see hurricane force winds and certainly a tremendous amount of overwash, people will underestimate that, people living in low-lying areas will need to evacuate. so far so good for the visitors. we came into a house that people were staying at and plan to stay right through sunday and obviously they are very bummed they have to leave. this is one of four major weekends where people that own businesses down here make their money and unfortunately this is will be one that they may not make a whole heck of a lot of it. back to you. jim, thank you so much. that is a bummer for all those people down there. meanwhile bill karins, what about the northeast, the tri-state area and cape cod. >> that's going to be the interesting part. we know what will happen where jim is located. eastern portions from say
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martha's vineyard, nantucket, cape cod, and our friends in maine have to watch. let me take you through it. we've been looking at the storm all day long. still a powerful category 3 on the saffir-simpson scale. it takes i want off the carolina coastline early friday morning. storms is cruising. moving 30 plus miles per hour. i want will go by in a hurry. brush past long island 6:00 p.m. on friday. jersey shore afternoon on friday. cape cod is a friday night event. then it looks like a landfall maine or nova scotia as a category 1 hurricane as we go throughout early saturday morning. this is our computer models. this is an animation. the brighter colors, the yellows and orange. the heavy rain friday afternoon will be located over long island
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moving up to southern new england and exiting quickly. your saturday looks fine. the worst weather will move up the coastline. here's the timg. thursday night north carolina, virginia. friday morning it hits new jersey and then by friday night it heads up on to cape cod. that's kind of the timeline of the storm. not going to hurt anybody saturday, sunday or monday. friday event ain't will all start down in there carolinas. just imagine the traffic jams as people try to get ahead of the storm. >> wait until saturday. >> exactly. wait until saturday. thank you for the weather and traffic advice. now to iraq. america's combat role has ended. operation new dawn begins. this morning's ceremony inside one of saddam's old palaces part of camp victory was the official hand jomp as u.s. forces stepped back into a supporting and training role. >> ending this war is not only in iraq's interest, it's in our own. the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of
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iraq in the hands of its people. through this remarkable chapter and the history of the united states and iraq, we have met our responsibilities. now it's time to turn the page. >> william cohen served as defense secretary under president bill clinton and is now with the cohen group. mr. secretary k-we turn the page? >> well, the page has been turned in the sense that the combat mission is over, combat will continue. it's still a very volatile, dangerous region, and we're going to don't see more assaults launched against the iraqi people, against the 50,000 soldiers who remain there. the real question for me is what's going happen to the remaining 50,000, how will they be down sized in the coming year. what struck me about last night's speech was that the president talked about conditionality on the ground in afghanistan, in other words the reductions that are coming next summer will be conditioned on what is take place on the ground. he did not use that phrase with respect to iraq.
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the message was we're out of iraq completely by the end of next year regardless of what happens on the ground. that's going to present something of a challenge i think in terms of the regional stability. >> worse case, if the current stalemate which lasted for almost six months over a political solution continues and if they dissolve into civil war again, are we going to actually be able to pull out in a year or is there going to be pressure, heavy pressure on the president politically and militarily to stay? >> it will come from both sides. certainly with a larger number of republicans in the congress next year which everyone anticipates will be the case, there will be pressure to stay, don't lose iraq. not after all that has been done. there will be pressure coming from the left that said you made a pledge, you made strong statement, we need to focus on afghanistan and then reduce our presence in afghanistan and take care of business at home. he'll be caught in a crossfire of conflicting pressures come next year.
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>> the white house is indicating that they think now they can turn towards the middle east. some say belatedly turn towards a really deep engagement pup see the talks that are launching today, face to face talks starting tomorrow. do you think that settling iraq f-it is settled has set the stage as the white house would like to us believe for real progress now between israelis and palestinian? >> i think the situation in iraq has very little to do with the situation between israelis and palestinians. if you want to look to an external force look to iran. iran is the country that's funneling the money throughs hezbollah and hamas. hamas is the country that's launching the attacks against the israelis. no. don't look to iraq as being the turning point for the middle east peace process look to the role that iran continues to play. >> what likelihood would you place on be the chances of a break through? we've seen it over and over again from one president to another, decades ever stalemate.
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why with benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abarks a very hard line israeli and a very weak palestinian leader why are the chances better now than before? >> well, you want to always remain as optimistic as possible. but remember to take a lot of cold showers on the way to the negotiating table. prime minister of israel is under tremendous pressure to start the expansion of settlements after september 26th. if that takes place on any kind of significant level that means mahmoud abbas has no credibility and then undermine we're back to square one with expansion of the settlements. nothing takes place on the palestinian side. so the stalemate and conflict will continue into the future. >> now the justice department announced they have formally indicted criminal complaint against the leader of the pakistani taliban which only a few hours ago was named by the state department officially as a terror group. this for the killing ever seven americans, seven cia officers
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last december in afghanistan. what does an official indictment make possible? does it make it possible for us to target him, go after him. what's the next stage, best case if we were able to? >> to apprehend him and bring him to justice would be the best case. if he is going to be tar get as someone who is actively engaged in launching attacks against u.s. men and women and our allies he may be subject to the covert program which is not so covert any longer. >> targeted assassination. >> that policy has been carried out by the united states against those who are waging war against the u.s. and our coalition forces. that's certainly one of the options that might be pursue fpd initial attempt will be to see if he can't be brought to justice through apprehension and trial. william cohen former secretary of defense. thank you very much.
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at this pour president obama is meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. fouling his one on one meetings today with israelis prime minister benjamin netanyahu. all of this leading up to the first direct talks between israel and palestinians in 20 months. happening tomorrow at the state department. president obama said yesterday's attack in the west bank will not deter peace efforts. >> there are going to be extremists and rejectionists who rather than seeking peace will seek destruction. and the tragedy that we saw yesterday where people were gunned down on the street by terrorists who are purposely trying to undermine these talks is an example of what we're up against. >> aaron david miller was a u.s. middle east negotiator under
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bush xxxxi and joins us from baltimore. there's been a lot more written about whether there's a real chance for peace. what is your bottom line on this today? >> two questions, andrea. number one, abbas and nept net are they prepared to make the tough decision on border security and refugees. question number two, is this administration willing and able to become a fair, reassuring and tough mediator should the two sides get close. you answered both of those questions yes. you're in business. you answer either of them no, and you might as well hang a close for the season sign on the president's hopes of negotiate apting a two state solution. we don't know the answer. that's what this process is designed to determine. >> aaron, does it depend in the first instance on whether or not benjamin netanyahu is committed to extending the moratorium on
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settlements? if they restart settlements after september 26th, will these talks be over before they even get under way? >> if no deal is forthcoming on the issue of extension of the moratorium, in a way that will not you had m -- humiliate the palestinian president your right. no extension of the so-called moratorium, which is substantial if it's observed works in fact, be a good confidence builder to set the steak for these negotiation. if you don't get it you're out of business. >> is there any sign that the white house is prepared to jump into this in a much more aggressive way and offer proposals to bridge the gaps between the two sides? >> i think if they are not prepared my advice don't get started. if you succeed in this no one ill plant a tree in your honor. you have to be tough. you have to be fair.
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you're going to have to be an advocate for both sides. . if you want to be lawyer for israel or a lawyer for the palestinians, you're going to be out of business. your client on whose behalf you have to advocate is the agreement itself. president obama came out louder, harder and fachter than any ever his predecessors on this issue. he set the bar very high. and he's going to have to get in the mid it if he wants this to succeed. >> there's a column today in israel, an interview with the former prime minister and had been, there done that, been at camp david, did not succeed. he suggested that his last conversation with benjamin netanyahu before the prime minister came here indicated that there is a resolution on jerusalem which has been one of the real sticking points where they could divide jerusalem and divide, have some sort of a joint tenure of the holy sites but divide some of the areas.
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do you see those kinds of compromise in the offing? >> look, the reality is the key of this rests in the mind ever one guy. the prime minister of israel. benjamin in this case is at war with benjamin netanyahu. up have a tough talk b.b., heavy on the ideology who is in conflict with benjamin netanyahu. a guy who wants to lead israel out of the shadow of the iranian bomb and makes peace with his neighbors. how that tension is resolved, where he comes out in his own mind on an issue like jerusalem will be absolutely determinative if you have hope of any kind of an agreement. >> thank you so much. great to see you. >> appreciate it. >> tomorrow we'll be broadcasting our show live from the state department starting at 1:00 eastern. >> coming up here the father at the center of an international custody battle. will hillary clinton step in and
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help him bring his boys back home? sarah palin, sarah palin, heading to iowa, raising more speck blags her presidential ambitions. sends me your thoughts. find me on twitter at "andrea mitchell reports." this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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an international custody battle is finally getting some high level attention from washington. an american father says his egyptian born ex-wife kidnapped their two young sons smuggling home to egypt more than a year. he has not been able to see or hear from them since. colin bower is the father. he's struggling to bring his 6 and 8-year-old boys back home. he joins us now from new york. thank you so much for joining us. we want to talk to you about how painful this is for you.
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interpol has set out, is it an arrest warrant or an alater for the boys' mother. what do you know from at least their side, from the lawyer representing your ex-wife about her reasons for taking the children and for keeping them from you? >> i don't know anything from -- i heard nothing from her lawyer. i heard nothing from her. her lawyer in egypt where she's also engaged has not said anything to my counsel tore me directly earth. so i've heard absolutely nothing, andrea. >> now there is an international haig treaty. we know about this. what about the response from the egyptians to their obligations under this international treaty to give you access and turn the boys over? >> unfortunately egypt is not a cignaer to to the haig convention. they don't recognize u.s. law in
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this matter. egypt is involved in another way. egypt provided the passports to my ex-wife so she could illegally smuggle my children out of the united states and into egypt. they were provided these passports with the name of power not bower. whether they are complicit or made a mistake is irrelevant. the passports were false. my children should never have been allowed to leave this country illegally or enter egypt illegally. >> the president of egypt will be having dinner at the white housing tonight with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. what is your request, your message, your pail to the secretary of state and president of the united states as to what they should say to the president of egypt tonight at dinner. >> the egyptian authorities made a mistake. they provide false documents. if e. egypt will be a true partner of the united states i want needs
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to own up to its mistake and say we're sorry we're going to do the right thing and we're going to return the children to their father where they belong. >> children 6 and 8 years old. senator john kerry, massachusetts senator, the chairman of the foreign relations committee has been making these appeals for you to the egyptians. what do you say to secretary clinton as to how active the state department should be. have they been helpful? >> i think that, sure they have been helpful. however, they have not been as helpful as they could be. and i think that i'm judging that only based on the return of my boys. once my boys are returned i'll say that they have been extremely helpful. but until my boys are home, i think everybody needs to do everything they can to have the boys returned home where they belong. they left this country illegally. and they entered egypt illegally and they belong here. they are two american boys that
1:22 pm
belong with me. i'm the sole custodian of those children of my boys and have been since the divorce took place. they belong here and they need to be brought back here this week. >> we feel for you. our sympathy doesn't help much. >> yes it does. >> we'll stay on this case. thank you very much. and up next, a political cliffhanger finally comes to an end in alaska. plus has apple hit a sour note with the ipod. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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i am now conceding the race for the republican nomination. a painful concession from senator lisa murkowski last night at home in alaska telling faithful supporters her campaign reached the end. line and making upstart joe mill terrify favorite for the lampt frontier open senate seat. miller's stunning upset victory in that primary isn't the only reason that sarah palin's name is fresh in the headlines. jonathan martin joins us now. so, what is your take on this. palin did not campaign for joe miller. but certainly the tea party did and that was a big factor. and it was clear she was not a murkowski person. does she get credit for this one? >> she gets some credit pap partial credit. no question the tea party movement helping to pay for those ads really helped miller. i think the palin support did help credential miller, gave him more name recognition, got him on the national radar screen a little bit.
1:27 pm
the money on those tv ads helped. also the sense of anger at incumbents and especially not necessarily lisa murkowski but the murkowski name. recall her father was bounced from his governorship by sarah palin back in 2002. i'm sorry 2006. so there was a bit of payback there towards lisa murkowski, not necessarily for anything she had done but this lingering anti-incumbent sentiment combined with unease about that last name. >> and palin, of course, heading to iowa now and we'll continue to speculate as everyone does about her own ambition, whether or not she has ambitions for the presidential race. the calendar is in her favor because she could do well in iowa, do well in south carolina. she could do well in michigan. but not in new hampshire. let's talk about some of the stuff that's coming out. "vanity fair" has a very
1:28 pm
unflattering profile on her and megan mccain's book what she has written about sarah palin during the campaign she writes i was waiting for theory explode. there was a fine line between genius and insanity choosing her as a running mate seemed that definition of that line. megan mccain writes she really favored joe lieberman for her dad. her dad really up to the last minute favored joe lieberman but the party leaders said no way. >> that's exactly right. this is the palin story. if she does pursue a future in electoral politics it's always going to be laced with the latest story or latest celebrity style or gossip or rumor. i think that she cannot avoid that which i think is in part why a lot of folks are not sure she wants to get back into politics fwhut stead stay on the sidelines as more of a commentator. there will be these kinds of stories buzzing around her persona. >> jonathan martin, ams great to see you.
1:29 pm
coming up next the east coast on alert as hurricane earl could disrupt weekend holiday plans. plus is president obama ready to ease the travel ban on cuba? new mexico governor bill richardson joins us. getting americans back to work. the call to action from naacp president ben jealous. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. boss: our eakout session is gonna be great.
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should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. hurricane earl is tearing through the atlantic. headed to the east coast, moving rapidly. james franklin is chief hurricane forecaster for the national hurricane center and joins us now from florida. mr. franklin thanks so much. what is the path and velocity of this? >> right now earl is a category 3 hurricane with 125 mile-per-hour winds. we just gotten some information from the aircraft that indicated it may be starting to strengthen again. could become a category 4 later on. we'll have to see about that. in terms of the path, we think it will take a path something like this, but what we don't know yet is whether it will be
1:33 pm
offshore orion shore. >> and there's an obvious difference there. what to be with worst case scenario in terms of the path going more towards the shore? >> well, the effects, this is the weak side of the storm here. so, a path that would clip the north carolina and then perhaps come up and clip new england would certainly be much more serious than a path that was just a little bit offshore keeping the weak side there. saerl a strong storm. so even if it does go a little bit offshore and doesn't make landfall we could have hurricane force winds coming in to north carolina and cape cod. >> okay. thank you so much james franklin there on duty there at the nation hurricane center. breaking news that we're following. the justice department has just issued an arrest warrant for the taliban leader. >> these charges stem from his alleged involvement in the
1:34 pm
murder of seven american decideses decides s -- decideses in afghanistan in 20 oat. the various actions taken today support the u.s. effort the degrade the capabilities of this dangerous group. we're determined to eliminate ttp's ability to execute violent acts. >> dan benjamin at the state department. the counter terror official there. pete williams, i refer to this a little bit earlier in talking to former defense secretary bill cohen opinion he said this would enable certain covert actions including any action to try to capture or kill. but what is the justice department now doing in koorgs with the pentagon and intelligence services on this? >> well, i think those two things are completely independent. the u.s. has already been trying to target him.
1:35 pm
this led cover what would happen if he was arrested. if the u.s. ever detains him, now there are charges on file that the u.s. could use in order to hold him and bring him to justice in a court here. or to charge him in a military commission or whatever. but these are -- this gives something that's already on file that can be used if he's ever captured. then, course, the other thing here which the state department is talking about is declaring the pakistani taliban a global terror organization and the leader of him a global terrorist. that's something new york legislators were urging the justice department to do after the pakistan taliban connection to the failed times square bombing attempt by faisal shahzad. it allows the government to freeze their assets. >> thank you very much, pete williams. also today in pakistan as many a 18 people were killed today when
1:36 pm
three suspected suicide bombs exploded during a shi'ite religious procession. more than 80 people were wounded in the blachtsts. some of the shi'ites then turned on the police. they designated the pakistan taliban a terror group. with legislation stalled in congress advocates are urging president obama to ease the nearly 50-year-old travel ban with cuba. some expect an executive order before labor day weekend. the new mexico governor bill richardson has just returned from havana. good to see you. first of all, we know the travel ban was tightened under george w. bush so there have been ups and downs in this, squeezes on the trade and travel with havana. but trade embargo has been constant for 50 years. what about these travel restrictions? what your hearing? what do you want to see from
1:37 pm
washington? >> well, what i want to see from the obama administration is what they've already hinted they are going to do and that is relaxing the travel ban to the point where president clinton allowed americans religious, sports groups, educational groups which i think is good for the united states because it puts more foreign exchange into our tourism operators, it's good cultural ties and most importantly, andrea, we have an american there, alan gross who needs to come home. he's been detained for eight months. it's a humanitarian case. in tried to get him out on my last trip. i think it would substantially improve the atmosphere in getting him out if we move forward with these travel initiatives. i can't speak for the obama administration. i don't work for them. sometimes they act as if i do.
1:38 pm
they need to move on this. it's held up by bureaucratic delays. if they move forward on this it's good for us and help us with the a land gross case. are they worried about politics. are they worried about elections in florida and around the country where you got a lot of sentiment both pro and con, let's say maybe a fight they don't want to engaging before the mid-terms. >> well, there's no question that politics, whenever you're dealing with cuba enters into it especially in miami and new jersey. there's a lot of very serious cuban americans concerned about easing the relationship with cuba. but i do think just staying with the travel issue, making it easier for americans and cubans to travel back and forth, improves understanding that might lead to an easing of relation. i think this obama administration effort makes sense when president obama came in, he eased the restriction of
1:39 pm
president bush for cuban americans. now he can ease it for americans. he can do this for executive order. you don't have to go through the congress. more comprehensive travel initiative, easing travel would have to be approved by congress. i believe congress should and then, andrea, you improve the atmosphere between our two countries. it's getting better, i noted and we have some serious issues to discuss. human rights. guantanamo. the case of the cuban five. this is a prisoner case. should cuba be in the terrorism list. the embargo. a lot of issues i believe it makes sense for both countries to try to resolve. but taking this initial step of easing the travel restriction makes sense and we have this medication of an american, a 60-year-old american whose health is not getting any better, who is detained eight months ago. he's a contractor.
1:40 pm
he needs to come home. i've met with his family. i tried to get him home when i was in cuba. but, i could have used those easing of travel restriction, it would have set up a better atmosphere. so my hope is the obama administration moves very soon as you said before labor day on easing the travel restriction and that will open up the opportunity to negotiate not just gross's release but other issues that divide us. >> bill richardson just back from havana. stay tuned. thank you very much. and up next here, naacp president ben jealous organizing his march on washington. it's not your glenn beck moment. in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar.
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. our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put millions of americans who lost their jobs back to work. this will be difficult. but in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people. and my central responsibility as
1:44 pm
president. on the night that he declared an to end combat in iraq the president rededicated himself to fixing the economy. he's facing pressure to put people back to work. people are struggling. ben jealous is president and ceo of the naacp. great to see you, ben. you're planning omar on washington in october. how will dirt from glenn beck's march? >> well, you know, what we're focused on and the launch will be in two weeks but we have several local ones happening right now. we want to focus bringing people back together. in tough times in this country we really have two choices. we can seek to divide or we can seek to you nighunite. this president has not been our
1:45 pm
obstacle in getting this country to focus on job creation. we've seen obstruction after obstruction inside the u.s. senate, state houses across the country. this is about that mainstream of this country who believes in hope, who believes anyone inclusion, who believes that jobs and schools should be job one coming together to have their voices heard. >> i want to share with you a debate which focus on education, which is a huge issue for all of us for you, your organization and all the rest of the country. this was a debate that's taking place right now in the district here between vincent gray the challenger and mayor fenty. the primary is september 14th. the challenger is at least double digit lead and the key has been the educational reforms by michelle rhe. this is what just took place. >> as part of our oversight role of course we should raise
1:46 pm
questions about how implementation is being done. first thing i would do in looking for a new chancellor is talk to the current chancellor. i've said repeatedly that one education reform has to be about more than one person. >> the chancellor has been very open as i have in saying listen when we first took office, we saw this school system that for 30 years had been neglected and so we took off on a path of running 100 miles per hour to fix the school system. ben, what do you think the impact will be? the key issue, and this is refrern dum on michelle rhee. what do you think the impact will be. >> my daughter goes to the schools here. she just started her second week. she's 4 years old. schools here are, you know, have been moving in a good direction. our local schools is a very good school. this race is about a whole bunch
1:47 pm
of things. i think it would be a mistake to, you know, see it as a referendum on miss rhee. i take mr. gray at his word the first thing he would do is to talk to her. i atheist a very wise move. the hardest part of my job right now is that there are people of goodwill, of good intention on both sides of this issue in the northern cities. down south a different picture. quite frankly vouchers have been used for decades as a way to facilitate racial division and more recently the division between rich and poor in the school system. but up north this is a tough debate. what we say at the naacp is that we all have to focus on making sure that every public school is a great school, that we all -- our country needs to do the four things that all countries that lead the world and all states
1:48 pm
that lead this country do pinpoint need to focus on teacher training. we need to make sure that we focus resource the kids who need them the most. we need to extend the school day and school year and we need to make sure that all kids like my daughter here in d.c. have access to free universal pre-k. that's what the debate should be about. what i'm hoping that conversation between gray and rhee or gray and fenty will be about. >> to be continued. we'll have our own education summit right here at the end of september and we'll be addressing all of these issues more deeply continuing to. thank you very much ben jealous. what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? that's next. but first i want to share this moment with you. hollywood superstar michael douglas revealing on letterman last night his throat cancer is stage four, far more serious than was known when the
1:49 pm
diagnosis was froirtsed three weebs ago. veteran actor whose voice is heard every night announcing "nbc nightly news" with brian williams said his cancer was caused by smoking and drinking. douglas said there's an 80% chance he'll beat the disease. >> you just taking it head on for god's sake. >> up have to. this is the first week. the chemo and radiation. radiation continues to burn your mouth and becomes more difficult to swallow. you can't take solids. the whole trip is not -- >> did they find it early enough for their liking. >> i sure hope so. >> i feel i want to do something for your. can i do something for you? >> give me a hug. >> all right. but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
1:50 pm
my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o. decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation.
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[ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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>> and we're following breaking
1:53 pm
developments out of silver spring m. spring, maryland. police are responding to reports of a man inside the discovery channel building. part of the building and surrounding area are being evacuated at this time. emergency response is on the way to the scene. police are working to set up a media area when they get it. more than 1,000 employees who have been moved to the eighth and ninth, which are the top floors of this building and they remain there. they're being told to stay away from window, inside offices and lock doors. a man was seen or a suspect was seen with a gun and some reported cylinders attached to his back that could have been explosives. none of this has been confirmed obviously. police are working on getting to the scene. discovery channel is a major complex out there. this is the height of the day when most people would be in
1:54 pm
their offices. this is the headquarters for discovery and all of the other cable channels. more than 1,000 employees have been moved to the eighth and ninth floors, the top floors of the buildings. being told to stay away from windows, to stay inside their offices, to lock the doors. clint van zandt, what can you tell us from out in silver spring, maryland? >> well, i think the challenge right now is what we're hearing initially. you've got one individual who's entered the building, fired a shot. he's holding at least one person hostage in a situation like this. i've worked with the montgomery county police. i've taught hostage negotiations to them when i was the fbi's chief hostage negotiator. so what they'll be doing is edeploying assets around the discovery building and realize, anything i say, you know, we're
1:55 pm
going to couch it. we realize the individual who may have fired that sthot and may be holding someone hostage could be watching or listening, so anything will be based upon that possibility. but in a situation like this, law enforcement, by and large, if no one has been hurt to this point, law enforcement has time on their hands. as a hostage negotiator, i would want to get the security around the building stabilize. then i would want to talk to this person. obviously the alleged gunman has got some point, some statement he wants to make and as a negotiator, it would be my job to help him make that statement and number two, make sure that he and everybody else in that building got out safe after he makes whatever statement he wants to. >> understanding completely clint, you want to be careful about what you say. we know the montgomery county police are known as a well trained, strong police force. we have corporal dan fritz
1:56 pm
speaking on a local radio station saying that a man shot -- fired a shot as he walked into the lobby of the discovery building. we don't know if it's a hostage situation, we don't know if anybody is being held hostage bit suspect, but at least this corporal, dan fritz is reporting that a shot was fired. does that change the dynamicdyn? >> well, we know not only that he's shown a weapon, but it appears to be a functional weapon. again a lot of times when someone fires a shot, as scary as that can be, it's a way of demanding everybody's attention. you know, sometimes we'll take a fork and ding it on a glass. other individuals walk in and fire shots. either way, they get our attention. he's got everybody's attention
1:57 pm
right now, and the responsibility of law enforcement is just to help stabilize the entire situation. we want to bring down his strength and anxiety level. then as a hostage negotiator, it would be my job to get him on the phone, find out what brought him here, you know, possibly he has some type of animosity towards either the station or somebody who works there. it could be a domestic situation for all we know. but that's what law enforcement needs right now is information. the last thing, if there are no shots fired after that initial shot, that's very positive for law enforcement. you're not going to see a s.w.a.t. team come busting in and shooting if lives are not in critical danger right now. the game plan will be to stabilize the situation, find out what's going on, find out how we can help this person resolve whatever conflict he has and get everybody, including the shooter, out without any
1:58 pm
injuries. >> you're talking about a major facility now. just to recap, we're talking about the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring, maryland. this is probably about 20 minutes from downtown d.c. it is a major facility. you can see from that aerial that we're showing you right now. people from the inside told us they've been hiding in their office. there's suspicion the man has cylinders attached to him and one doesn't know if they're explosives. obviously the montgomery county police presumably will have fbi and other federal help as well. whatever help they need are on the scene. and trying to determine who the suspect is, what his agenda might be, and whether or not he is not only armed but whether or not he has explosives with him. >> negotiators are try to get
1:59 pm
him on the phone and start a conversation with him. many times the person's stress and anxiety level is going to be very high. they may be yelling, screaming and cursing. it's a negotiator's job to bring that stress and anxiety level down. we're in a state of conflict resolution and we want to resolve this. >> we know you're going to be standing by and we'll have constant coverage of this. of course, that does it for us. an "andrea mitchell reports" will be bringing you all the negotiations from the middle east. and continuing coverage of the situation that's developing at the discovery channel in silver spring, maryland. tamron hall reporting from new york. >> thank you. we're continuing the coverage here in new york. here's what we know at this point. according to a corporal dan fritz with the montgomery county police department, there were reports that shots were fired by a man that walked into the lobby of a discovery channel building

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